Eve Yearned to be Like Her Mother


Fine art print of my painting "Eve Yearned to be Like Her Mother". The original is 8.5x11" oil on panel.

I've spent a good amount of time observing classical artwork of Eve and much of it held a shameful view of her, I wanted to portray Eve standing fast in her decision, being strong, and turning a new page for us.
In this piece Eve is standing behind a purple hydrangea bush (purple hydrangea symbolize a desire for deeper understanding.

The stream of water flowing nearby the tree, which passes through Eve behind her serves as a reminder of Jesus Christ, that the Plan of Salvation has been there for us from the beginning. A reminder that Christ is the Living Water. Eve is pointing upwards, that we might have joy, that we can look up amidst our struggles and toils to find peace.

The small cresent moon symbolizes her connection to her Mother and the desire she must have had to be a creator as her Heavenly Parents.

Please Note: The original painting was not a standard size being 8.5x11.5" thus the prints have been given a white border equal on opposite sides printed into standard easily framable sizes (5x7" and 8x10"). The print looks lovely in a frame as is but because of the different shape it will aslo look wonderful with a custom matte.

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